Evaluate and discuss cam therapies in a responsible and cooperative manner.

The purpose of this assignment is to meet the following course objectives outlined in the syllabus by choosing one CAM therapy topic to focus your research. For your reference, the course objectives that align with this assignment are listed below:
Compare allopathic health practices to complementary and alternative medical (CAM) practices in the United States.
Discuss healing paradigms and rationales for patients’ use of these therapies in the United States.
Describe the basic philosophy, theory, practice and techniques of various CAM therapies commonly used by consumers. ( You will choose one CAM therapy to focus on for your research and discuss your findings. )
Name the training methods, certification, and credentialing standards for practitioners of CAM therapies
Discuss scientific knowledge and evidence about the efficacy, mechanism of action and safety of individual CAM therapies.
Understand the history of alternative Care in the United States and around the world
Apply critical thinking skills with respect to evaluating research findings relative to the use of a CAM therapy.
Assess credibility of resources and information relative to provision of CAM.
Evaluate and discuss CAM therapies in a responsible and cooperative manner.
Pick one of the following complementary health professions:
2.Herbal Medicine
3.Traditional Chinese Medicine
4.Homeopathic Medicine
5.Naturopathic Medicine
8.Osteopathic Medicine
9.Native American Healing
10.Music Therapy
11.Ayruvedic Medicine
12.Animal Therapy
You will be responsible for preparing a 1500-2000 word final paper (maximums: 1” margins, 12-point Arial or Times New Roman fonts, can be double-spaced).
Your paper should be divided into 4 main sections and include well-developed discussions for each subsection. Be sure to use the following subtitles and discuss each of the points outlined below:
Background (~1 page)
Explain the basic overview of your selected profession.
Discuss the historical context of your chosen profession. When and where was the profession first established?
If your selected profession was established somewhere besides the United States, describe its introduction in the United States.
Cultural Context (~2 pages)
Describe the cultural context of your chosen field. How did it come to be and how is it integrated into everyday life?
How accepted is your profession in the US and around the world?
What are some common misconceptions that exist about your chosen field? How do professionals counteract stigmas associated with their field?
Research and Application (~2 pages)
Discuss areas of new research in your selected profession. Use the following link and the ASU library to find relevant research: https://nccih.nih.gov/research research.
/researchLinks to an external site.
What are some surprising ways that your field may be used to improve health?
How does this profession complement Orthodox medicine practices?
What type of illnesses may a professional in this field encounter?
What barriers do professionals in your selected field encounter? Ex: Does insurance cover their services?Is there enough evidence-based research to support the treatment? Is it safe?
Conclusion (~1 page)
How does this field contribute to overall health and well-being?
Imagine you were to set up an office as this health professional, how would you go about getting new patients and educating them about what you do? What other services would you provide?
List all references used to write your paper in APA format and be sure to cite your references properly within the text of the paper.
Your paper should include references to lectures and required readings.