ETPI Case: Sales and Operations Planning

For this week’s class discussion you will provide answers to the following questions in your main post, due on the date specified. You are required to post your comments to your peers by the end of the module.
In order to answer the discussion prompts below, you will need to complete the following steps:
Download and read this ETPI case.
Then, using Porter’s five forces model, answer questions 1-3 in a Word document and briefly answer questions 4-7 on the discussion board below:
Identify the important drivers of competition in the industry within which ETPI competes (that is, companies who publish and distribute books of academic interest, but not textbooks).
Assess ETPI’s strengths and weaknesses relative to these important competitive drivers and draw conclusions about the likelihood of ETPI’s competitive survival.
Does ETPI have an S&OP process? Give a brief descriiption.
How would you suggest ETPI improve its S&OP process?
Validate the new process with the order winning and order qualifying characteristics given in the case.
Justify how the new process will reinforce and improve the order winning and order qualifying characteristics.
Develop, describe, and justify appropriate process metrics.
Aggregate your research data in a Word document (questions 1, 2, and 3); you will attach that document to your discussion post
Answer questions 4-7 in the text box below; be sure to attach your data to that post. 300 to 500 words, maximum.
By the end of the module, comment on at least one other students’ posts in no more than 100-200 words per post
Your post should be written in a professional tone and free of grammar and spelling errors
Be sure to cite your sources by giving the url of where you find your information, and use in-text citations with APA format; see this link for resources on APA citations