English paper

There are two article in the attachment. Please compare those two article by follow those three requirement.


**way of write: In the paper. Every requirement you should write the answer from each article then compare.



A. Claims

(1) What is the author’s main argument (thesis)? Is it clearly stated fairly early in the essay? Does it reflect the purpose of the essay?

(2) What are his subsidiary claims? In other words, what are the points that he uses to support his main argument? Are they clear and valid? Are they related to the main argument?

(3) What is his purpose? Is it stated implicitly or explicitly? How well does he accomplish the purposes?

B. Audience

(1) What kind of audience does the author address? What are his assumptions on the audience? What evidence can you point to in the text that supports your answer?

(2) Does he effectively address the audience? Does he close the gaps between you, as audience, and himself, as writer? Discuss places in the text where he has been successful and/or not successful.

C. Evidence

(1) What kinds of evidence does the author use? (e.g., personal experiences; expert (authoritative) testimony; factual references and examples including historical events, hypothetical cases, and analogies; statistics and research)

(2) Is the evidence sufficient, specific, relevant, reliable, not dated, not slanted, and convincing?

(3) Does the author address opposing views fairly and counter them successfully?


Once your analysis is over, compare the two essays in each area, and, finally, decide on several areas (points) about which you can substantially compare the effectiveness of the two essays. They are called your “points of comparison,” and you need to prove these points in this assignment.


In your introduction, summarize the two essays, with each summary beginning with the thesis of each essay. End the introduction with your thesis statement that is focused and reflects the purpose of your essay. In other words, you need to include your chosen points of comparison and address the evaluative nature of the comparison in your thesis statement.


In your body paragraphs, you should prove your thesis by providing a detailed account of your evidence. That is, in each body paragraph, write about one of your points, explaining why one writer’s argument is more convincing in each chosen area. In providing your evidence, make sure to use specific details from the essays. Also use, whenever relevant, such terminology as audience, purpose, claims, evidence, reasoning, credibility, opposing views, counterargument, language, tone, and organization. As for organizing your own essay, please use the point-by-point pattern, not the block pattern.


MLA format. 3-4Page. 12pt. double speace. If you have quote, please write a work cited page(it is not include in 3-4 page paper)