Facility Location and Capacity:
Please answer all three (3) discussion questions/prompts.
Use the concepts discussed in the textbook. Answer the questions in at least 400 words with good content that clearly demonstrates your knowledge of the topic(s).
Respond to at least one (1) student for two (2) different Discussion Questions.
Discussion Question 1:
What is the framework for evaluating alternative site locations?
What are the qualitative and quantitative factors involved in site selection?
Discussion Question 2:
What are the various facility layouts used today in manufacturing and service operations?
What are some of the characteristics of a good layout?
What type of layout does your work use?
Why does your work use this layout?
Discussion Question 3:
The reason for this post is to prepare you for the paper.
Put your term paper paragraph summary in the thread provided. Ensure that you mention the two types of QM tools (charts) you will use in your paper with a title.
Make sure that you will have numerical data for performance metrics.