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Looking at the graph from the (1) Tax Policy Center ( to an external site.).
Explain the change in funds allocation to the following program areas: (10 pts / 2 pts per category)
Income Security
Education, Training, Employment, and Social Services
Community and Regional Development
State and explain what factors have led health programs to receive such a large portion of federal funds.
(4 pts)
Explain the negative implication this might have on the other program areas beyond the understanding that there has been a reduction in funding.
(4 pts)
Why are more categorical grants given out annually than block grants?
(7 pts)
Hint: The Federal Grants to State and Local Government: A Historical Perspective on Contemporary IssuesLinks to an external site. might help answer the question.
External research might be needed as well.
In a word document, list the questions above and provide your response under each question.
Assignment Requirements:
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12 point font
Answer all questions in your own words, with no direct citing.
Files need to be uploaded in pdf, doc or docx.