Don’t ask me about bibliography, citation style, etc.

We have now looked at various reasons for and against belief in God. It is normal at this point to feel a little
unsure about where the total evidence points: is it overall more reasonable for you to believe in God or not?
This is a personal question, of course, but you should want to follow your best honest assessment of the
evidence you have (which probably includes more than just what we discussed in class). But that kind of
overall assessment, anyway, is hard to do. Blaise Pascal has a surprising thing to say about all this. In the short
reading for this assignment, Pascal argues that we all have very strong reasons to believe in God no matter what
the total evidence says. In this short reflection paper, I want to see you explain and engage with Pascal’s
More exactly, I want you to do three things. First, (A) I want you to carefully explain, in your own words,
why Pascal thinks we should all believe in God. Next, (B) I want you to explain why, if Pascal’s argument is right,
the evidence for or against God is irrelevant. Finally, (C) I want you to tell me what you think about his
argument and this separation from evidence and belief (I don’t care whether you agree or disagree with
pascal; that will not affect your grade).
Some general instructions:
1. Work on this assignment individually—no collaboration.
2. I will run these through Turnitin, so do not plagiarize.
3. Submit your completed assignment through Blackboard, in the Short Papers folder.
4. The assignment should be somewhere between 1 and 2 pages long. It should not consist in singlesentence answers to each question, and it should not consist in a dissertation on the topic. It should be
a short, well-structured, well-written, essay.
5. You should use Times New Roman or Calibri font, size 11 or 12, and you should double space the
6. There are no other formatting requirements. Don’t ask me about bibliography, citation style, etc.