Don’t analyze the culture/people.

1 Read the three assigned stories: The wife who didn’t eat, How death first entered the world, and The return of Persephone.
2 Select ONE of the three stories. you can choose the story you like.
3 Select one of the following tools to analyze the story you selected: i have choose Cosmological
Comparative: Considers important differences and/or similarities among myths and draws conclusions regarding themes and characteristics. *Only compare the story you select to stories we have already read in class (including any of the three listed above).
Cosmological: Studies the origin and development of nature and the universe as understood by the science of the time. *The “science of the time” refers to the “science” explained in the story.
Philosophical: Analyzes what it means to be human in relationship to their society and environment (human condition). *Focus on the society and environment in the myth. Don’t forget to discuss what the myth reveals about the human condition.
Analyze. Don’t summarize.
Analyze the myth. Don’t analyze the culture/people.
Look at the rubric BEFORE and AFTER you write your essay.
plesae Write an outline., then Wribcite a draft. and final essay.