– documentary: evolution of evil e02: joseph stalin

The 2,250 word Essay should answer ONE of the questions chosen from the Essay Questions list below. Alternatively, students can devise their own essay question in consultation with me that analyses the historical significance of either a time period, event or individual from the time span.
Essay must develop a coherent analytical argument and analysis in answer to your chosen question. You will need to explain and argue out your response to your chosen question. You will be assessed on the substance of your analysis and clarity of your argument. You must not write a narrative that just re-tells “the story.”
Essay must have at least a minimum of ten (10) substantial references (eg books, book chapters, refereed journal articles, or documentary videos) cited and addressed in the context of your essay argument.
You can use the course textbook among the references cited. However, your own additional research and analysis is essential.
Essay is to be referenced in a consistent conventional citation usage (Harvard author-date or Chicago), with a bibliography formatted in accordance with the citation usage followed.
Peter Stearns, 2022, World Past to World Present: A Sketch of Global History, Routledge, New York and London.
J.M. Roberts and O. A. Westad, 2014, The Penguin History of the World, 6th edition, Penguin, London, Book Six
– Documentary: The First Opium War Explained