Do you think you would have reacted differently if you had encountered it the way they did?

Post a minimum of 1 response. Remember to demonstrate that you have read and understood your peers’ posts in your response post by taking their discussion to the next level.
Do this by
Comparing your first encounter to that of your peers. Do you think you would have reacted differently if you had encountered it the way they did?
Compare the most difficult thing you needed to do to that described by your peers.
Compare your current feeling about CoVid-19 to theirs.
Engage your peer(s) in a way that encourages them to respond to you, which keeps the conversation going.
You will not need research in any of your response posts, but if you choose to, remember to use credible sources and provide in-text citations along with reference entries in APA format.
I am an ICU nurse so my experience is very similar to the below peer
Peer 1:
I am a nurse in an emergency department in South Florida. I first learned of the COVID-19 virus through work. We were briefed on it daily before the first case was discovered in our county. This was to prepare us. Although we thought we knew plenty about this virus, we did not know how tragic it would turn out. I remember thinking how wild it was that everybody was freaking out about it. It was just a respiratory virus, right? I was wrong. It was very fast spreading and was taking people’s lives. I will say that I never thought it would last as long as it did. I thought that it would last maybe a month or two, but not two years.
Palm Beach County, which is the county I live in, went into a lockdown. People were not allowed to work. Restaurants, schools, and other businesses closed, and did not know when they would be able to open again. My family had a hard time in the lockdown because they did not believe in the virus. They thought it was a political ploy to sway people to vote a certain way. I guess they are conspiracy theorists. I obeyed the lockdown. The hardest thing for me was not being able to hang out with friends. I was very fortunate to have not gotten the virus until October of 2021. I guess the N95 mask worked like it was supposed to. I have had it two more times since. The first time I had it, the symptoms were very mild. I almost did not know that I had it. They have been milder every time I got it.
Looking back, I do not think that there is anything I would change about how I handled it. I think that I was trained appropriately, and I believe that training helped me to not get it for so long. I do think that the media made people hysterical about it though. I do not feel like my life changed a whole lot since COVID-19. Well, maybe it did. I do not go out as much anymore, mostly because I work too much. Also, I am unable to go to Walmart at 2am because they are not open 24 hours anymore. One thing I learned about communicable diseases is that they can spread very rapidly if people are not following simple rules and guidelines.