Do you think their analysis is correct?

I need the paper before 11:50pm
As we have seen in the lectures, and in our last discussion board, one of the tasks of philosophy (as Socrates conceived of it) was trying to define things, to figure out what they really are, particularly abstracts like Justice, Love, Courage and Virtue.
Another important task of philosophy is trying to figure out what the best way to live is. What kinds of things should we pursue? Money and wealth? Political power? Wisdom? Socrates’ idea is that by continuously asking questions we can figure out what is truly valuable and what pursuits will help us live our best life.
For this week’s Main Post, choose an advertisement (from television, social media, etc). Link it or post it here in the message board. Examine it carefully and think about what kinds of things it assumes are valuable. What does the advertisement encourage you to value? Are its values the ‘right’ values? Why or why not?
For your Peer Response post, read over what your peer has written and critique their analysis. Do you think their analysis is correct? What alternative positions might there be?