Do not summarize the film!

Please watch movie called Casablanca (1942) by Michael Curtiz and then answer this prompt. (Type in Casablanca Full Movie on Youtube)
While writing this review give one paragraph of context about what was happening in the world at the time the film was made. Additionally, include information about how this film presents changes in style, acting, directing, cinematography etc as compared to the films of the silent era. When reviewing the film, imagine we just sat down and watched it together and now you are going to open your computer and explain to me what you got out of the film. What is significant about the film? How is it different from other films you’ve watched. I don’t care about whether or not you liked the film, I want to know what you learned. DO NOT SUMMARIZE the film!
Grammar errors -5-15 points
Use of “I” and or writing in first person-20 points
Multiple spelling errors -5-15 points
Information in the paper comes from a source but is not cited in the text -10
Sources in text but no Works Cited page -10 points
Rotten Tomatoes -50 points
Wikipedia -25 points
Papbcier is the plot of the film -65 points