Do not include any books, textbooks, newspapers, blogs or websites in the bibliography.

Each student will prepare an annotated bibliography with 6 articles on one of the following topics in Management. This means all 6 articles must be on only one of these topics:
 Managing in a Global Environment
 Managing Human Resources
 Managing a Diverse Workforce
 Entrepreneurial Ventures
 Creating and Managing Teams in the Workplace
Articles do not have to be “peer reviewed” articles. They can be from popular press magazines as well as from “academic” journals. MUST be scholarly sources using Galileo. The articles should NOT be more than 10 years old. Do not include any books, textbooks, newspapers, blogs or websites in the bibliography. You must have a complete citation for each article. Citations must include: author’s name, publication date, name of article, name of journal or magazine, vol. #, and inclusive pages. Any citation style will be acceptable.
(i.e. APA, MLA, etc.)
Write a ½ page summary, single spaced, of each of the 6 articles. This should produce a 3-page paper (approximately). If your paper is any shorter,
your summaries are probably not long enough, and points will be deducted for this. Do not include any personal opinions or personal evaluations of the
articles in the summaries. The bibliography should be word-processed, single spaced, with 1” margins
on all sides of the page. Put the title of the topic you have chosen on the top of your first page of the bibliography (ex. Managing Human Resources,
Entrepreneurial Ventures, etc.)
Please use complete sentences, correct grammar and a college level writing style. Points will be deducted for errors in sentence construction, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization, as well as for any other writing errors that make your summaries hard to understand.
The summaribcies must be your original work.