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Fall 2022 HLTH 3360 01 Epidemiology
Discussion#8: Diagnostic and Screening Tests
Discussion#8: Diagnostic and Screening Tests
Discussion Topic
Screening Tests_ERIC16.pdf
Please read chapter 11 of your textbook and also review the attached document. This discussion is unique in the sense that we are developing five multiple choice questions from chapter 11. Among the five multiple questions, one should be quantitative and should be about sensitivity and specificity of a test. The rest should be any multiple choice questions, you can make. If you have taken the quiz, you will know about it, however try to be creative. The questions concepts should come from your textbook chapter 11.
a) 1 question that involves calculation of sensitivity or specificity. Basically please develop a narrative question and develop a 2X2 table for it. And develop multiple choice question for your questions. Please see the posted PPT and book for sample question.
b) 4 questions should be any types of questions you would like to develop. Each question should have four-choice answer, and only one answer should be correct.
Once you develop your question, please provide correct answer choice at the end of your post. Since this is a unique discussion forum, no replies are needed, and hence the due date is Friday (10/21/22).
Chapter 11 is important chapter and from it few questions will come in your Final exam. I will pick 2-3 questions from your submission pool in the exam. I will pick one quantitative question and 2 general questions from this discussion forum. Hence, please review and read this discussion thread during your finals week. I hope you will like this innovative approach and instead of answering, we are developing a question set which also develop a unique learning platform from the content we have.