4. Locate a local union(GA) and a local plant, and draw an organizational chart for each.

5. Select a craft union and an industrial union. Point out the characteristics of these two types of unions.
6. compare the government of thr local union with student governments, paying special attention to participation by members.
9. Because the AFL-CIO does not negotiate labor agreements on behalf of national unions, why is it claimed to be the,” spokesperson for organized labor” in the United States?
10. Compare the requirements for union democracy to any student organization with which you are familiar.

11. Formulate a one-or -two sentence argument for or against the right -to-work philosophy. Fully defend your statement from arguments the could be made against your position.


12. 1. AFL-CIO

Determine the names of the current leadership, the mission, the unions in thw AFL-CIO, membership benifits, and summer student programs. Find out how one who is interested can become a union member.  (http://www.aflcio.org)

Each needs to be 150 words only… make sure to make a total of 150 words for each questions