Discuss the various characteristics of each.

Sport Management
1. SC 545 Sport Psychology and Sociology
Research in Sport Psychology and Sociology indicate that we should be
Concerned not only with physical development of the participant, but
Consideration should be given to psychological and sociological
Influences as individuals participate in athletics.
From this perspective:
1. Learn about the participant
2. Understand the sport and exercise environment
3. Provide experiences in the group process
4. Improve performance
You are to provide a detailed discussion on the above four (4) topics from a
psychological and sociological aspect.
2. SPM 510 Sport Marketing
1. Why are internships considered so important for students who anticipate seeking
employment in the Sport Marketing Industry?
2. Differentiate between advertising and sponsorship? What affect can each have on an
3. SPM 512 Facility
Explain the key responsibilities of recreation facility management. What
Are the characteristics that affect indoor facilities? Discuss the various
Characteristics of each. What are the characteristics that affect outdoor
facilities? Discuss the various characteristics of each. What are the
Developmental stages necessary for a facility to exist?
4. SPM 515 Governing Bodies & Law
Explain the elements of negligence liability and how it applies to sport.
What are the defenses to the tort of negligence and the application to sport management?
5. SPM 530 Sport Finance
1. In Sport Management you will serve on or develop committees,
what strategies would you employ to develop committees and what
would be the selection process for individuals to serve?
2. What is the difference between fund raising and public relations?
Expound on the difference and indicate how each can affect an
Organization positively.
6. SPM 560 Ethics of Sport
Define values and morals and their development in individuals. Is ethics
an issue only for sport? Identify personal ethics for the rights and
responsibilities of the sport manager, athletic director, athlete, coach,
and media.
7. SPM 543 Sport Administration & Organization
What are the interpersonal, informational, and decisional roles of
Management? Describe the general, functional and project managers.
Explain how skills and functions differ by management level.
8. PE 550 Research Seminar
Research is a vital component in health and human performance. Define
the following terms and explain the significance of each in physical
education/strength and conditioning.
 Sources of evidence for truth
 Induction
 Deduction
 Scientific method
 Research question (define the different types)
 Hypothesis
 Literature review
 Methods of data collection (give examples of instruments for methods provided)
 Validity, objectivity and reliability