Discuss the theory that supports your explanation?

Please submit a 4-6 paged double-spaced typed paper—12 Tahoma font. Please cite all sources. Grammar and sentence structure are important! Cite all sources. You should use at least 3 sources that do not include the textbook; at least 2 sources should be scholarly articles or text. If you include a website, it must be scholarly—no Wikipedia or blogs and you should print the page and attach it to your paper.
Discuss the theory that supports your explanation? For example, my theory is…based on my evaluation of the subject I conclude the following in the context of this offender … The (blank) theory states that… I (Author) first developed this theory… in (year). I (Author), while studying in, teaching in or working for (place) tested the theory in research studies or the theory remains untested. The genesis of the theory is… Its major assumptions are… Its strengths are… Its weaknesses are …
Now, apply the facts to the theory. Why did your offender become a serial killer? What facts in the serial killer’s life support the selection of this theory? Use a diagram or graphic depiction to demonstrate the application of your theory to the offender’s background, prior experiences, former associates, family history, modus operandi, victim selection, prior trauma, school failure or any other facts that you think are important to demonstrate your theory as the best explanation for the killer’s pathology.
My theory was labeling theory so if possible please make that the theobciry of the essay 🙂