Discuss about making a metaverse

“supercharging the future” discuss by Emil Tapnio
Program of Kubo is Start up pinay
Start up is not only in PH also in korea
“technopreneur” by sir emil tapnio
Academy challenges for all the people who’s participating right now to get some rewards
Snapshot of the filipino youth (wellbeing and aspirations)
Filipino is “madiskarte”
Traditional vs Social Media
Techonology + Entrepreneurship = technopreneur
Extreme Digitization
-Remote Work -E-commerce – Digital content consumption -platformiication – digital solutions
filipino youth and political participation
how young people use social media
they discuss national issues that the gov’t must adress urgently
the asia foundation who present by sir Emil Tapnio ask some of the professor like maam Indo Ibanez(they teach preschool entrepreneur already, doc Sheryl Estella(giving the importance about research Commercialization) and Sir Marlo Novino(discuss about technology business incubator) about entropreneur in their respectives colleges or university also about if the Philippines are on the right path about this technopreneur
“Entroprenuer fastest way to take up space to prove in the world”
“supercharging the digital universe” discuss by sir gio lantin
he discuss about metaverse
metaverse continuum
-1990’s internet of data
-2000’s internet of people
-2010’s internet of things –
-2020’s internet of Place”Metaverse Form”
-2020’s internet of ownership”metaverse function”
discuss about making a metaverse
“it’s not about technology” it’s a attaining value and ulitilty in the metaverse requires a mix of business, strategic, creative and technology expertise
Metaverse has many things and everyone has a role
-a canvas for content
-a center for community
-an engine for commerce
Charlie Coroza creating awareness about blockchain, she’s in TWALA company
Jeth Lorenz Ang breederDAO cofounder
Pat Lao cyrpto pdax head of metaverse
they ask about someone using nft about axie (metaverse)
discussing about metaverse about blockchain
blockchain is a zero knowledge proof
they’re talking about some games that can be metaverse like world of warcraft, el diablo and many more
they’re talking about their experience using metaverse
second academy quiz to make the participants participate if they learn about from about the 3 professors
“supercharging the youth’s potential” discuss by ma’am Nicole Yap
discuss about start ups to help beginners to grow
“to start entreprenuer find a people or place who support and believe you”
google start ups offer three core pillars
-get google technology
-learn best practives
-meet the right people
Founder Talks – millenials and gen z’s supercharhing the future through tech and passion
Clarence Nieva – CEO of Quarta she discuss about the path of being a student entreprenuer and about her company Quarta
Ismael Jerusalem CEO of Ownly he discuss about his passion in arts and profession in IT and about his company Ownly
Gwen Joso – CEO of Gina she discuss about their path to make the Gina company
Last remark by sir Dave Del Rosario by giving a invitation message for a next forum PH Startup Week in Nov 14-18 2022
“KUBO makes you believe yourself and unleash your potential”
the last part is the grand challenge for best YTF Photo with maam Karla Legaspi