Differences; and (3) the usefulness of the taxonomy

Your essay must include an argument, which is a
well-formed opinion. To be complete, your
argument must state a conclusion (thesis) and found
it upon two premises. In this case, you must
construct argument by analogy with the premises and
the conclusion that I gave you in the previous
assignment. Your thesis must answer the following
question affirmatively: “Is ‘Augustus’ a hero’s
journey?” In other words, you must state that
“Augustus” is likely a hero’s journey. See rubric for
more criteria.
2 To evaluate means to determine something’s worth,
such as its strength. Your essay must also include an
evaluation of your argument that uses three criteria:
(1) the relevance of the stories’ likenesses (use only
those three likenesses that you identify in your
argument); (2) the relevance of the stories’
differences; and (3) the usefulness of the taxonomy
(the “taxonomy” that we mean is the classification
of “Augustus” as a hero’s journey). In place of using
the criteria that are printed in the second column of
the rubric, I will score your evaluation as
Satisfactory (4 points) or Unsatisfactory (1 point).
Your evaluation will not receive a satisfactory score
unless it addresses each of the three criteria above. If
you merely identify similarities and differences
without explaining whether these similarities and
differences strengthen or weaken the argument’s
analogy, then you will have not fully addressed the
first two criteria.
3 Your essay must contain at least 200 words or it will
automatically receive a score of 0 points. There is no
maximum number of words. Remember that titles,
headings and works cited, although required, will
not count as part of the essay. Use Standard
American English. Deviate only if doing so helps
you effectively communicate with your audience.
However, you must use proper grammar and
orthography. Avoid phonetic spelling and offensive
language unless either are present in a direct
quotation, and then only if necessary. See rubric for
more criteria.