Did he/she make his point?

The Maximum length of the memos is 700 words; memos exceeding this word limit will be returned for revision. Different formats could be used, but it is useful to include items such as:
• What is the main point of the paper? What question(s) do the authors try to answer? What point was the author trying to make? Did he/she make his point?
• What is the larger project or problem in which the particular research questions are embedded?
• What gaps have you discovered in the literature?
• What evidence do the authors provide to support their claims? Were you convinced?
• How is the paper written? How is it structured? Who do you think the intended audience(s) are?
• What previous work influenced the author(s)? Has the paper influenced others?
• What did you find most interesting about the paper? What are the points of agreement or disagreement?
• How might you use the information/findings in your work?
• What questiobcins do you have about the paper?