Describe the types of crisis situation’s they address (sexual assault, child/elder abuse, death, domestic violence, grief counseling, disaster, covid, etc.)?

Writing Assignments (150 Points – 27%)
There will be 2 major assignments during this course. It is your responsibility to read the guidelines carefully to ensure you have met all requirements and expectations. Your writing assignments are due later in the semester to give you ample time to work on them. Dropboxes will remain open until the due dates to allow those who would like to submit their work earlier to do so. Under no circumstances will writing assignments be accepted late due to the amount of time you will have to complete them. Please refer to the calendar for due dates and make sure to begin working on these assignments as soon as possible.
The writing assignments must be submitted as a word document in the Dropbox section of D2L. Once the assignment is submitted in the Dropbox, you will receive a system email that will confirm your submission. Please make sure you receive and keep this receipt until the assignment is graded. Failure to provide this if the assignment is not located in the Dropbox will result in the assignment not being graded.
Assignment #1 Visit- Interview 75 Points
For this assignment, you will be required to interview someone who provides crisis intervention services. For this paper, you must provide the following information using the associated headings:
Agency Overview:
Name and address of the agency
Date of the interview
Name and title of the individual being interviewed
Brief background of the organization
Brief Bio of the Individual Interviewed:
Individual’s educational background
What training do/did they receive
What type(s) of services do they provide
Length of time they have they been providing crisis intervention service’s
What is the most difficult crisis they have ever had to address
How has COVID impacted their work
Crisis Work:
Describe the client population they work with
Describe the types of crisis situation’s they address (sexual assault, child/elder abuse, death, domestic violence, grief counseling, disaster, COVID, etc.)?
How the Crisis Is Addressed:
What methods do they use to resolve the crisis situation’s
Does the agency provide follow up services; what is the policy
How do they deal with suicidal client’s
What struggles they have had, stress in the profession, burnout, lack of resources
What/how do they release the stress of what they do to prevent burnout
If they could write the training course on crisis intervention, what would their course include
What suggestions do they have for someone new to the field
Do they believe education is important and what type of education does an individual need to do crisis work effectively
What are your thoughts/reactions on the agency’s services
Were there any special challenges faced by the individual you interviewed; what surprised you about the interview
Would you like to do crisis work; Why or why not
Agency sites include but are not limited to: Social Work Departments at DSS/DJJ, County Fire Rescue Services, American Red Cross Disaster Management, Victims Advocates, Hospital Emergency Room Social Workers or Staff, Mental Health Services, Rape Crisis, Suicide Hotlines, and the Police/Sheriff Department.
Requirements: This paper should be a minimum of 4 pages in length, not including the title and reference page, with a minimum of three references. The paper should be written using APA formatting, not question and answer format. You should include your opinions on the above areas as well. To receive all 75 points, all areas must be covered in your paper.