Demonstrate the ability to write a testable hypothesis related to bottled water and tap water.

Lab Graded Assignment
Demonstrate the ability to write a testable hypothesis related to bottled water and tap water.
NOTE: This means to physically do an experiment. DO NOT do a literature review and call that an experiment. This lab requires the purchase of a few items, for example, some bottled water (it may require more that is just an example).
NOTE: You cannot be the subject of your own experiment. Why?
Demonstrate the ability to test your hypothesis by designing a simple experiment, doing the experiment in real-time and correctly interpreting results as related to the hypothesis.
Demonstrate the ability to use good references related to the topic and your specific hypothesis and experiment. This includes being able to choose at least two sources that would be considered primary literature.
NOTE: When doing any lab you must do your own work. In a lab like this one where you might know a classmate and want to use them in your experiment if they too are in the course you each must do a totally different experiment, hypothesis, references and write up. Any portion of labs that is similar and/or identical will result in a zero.
The general topic is: Compare the taste of tap water (water from a faucet or well for example) and bottled water (brand or brands of your choosing).
DO NOT stray from the general topic you are assigned.
When you have gathered and tabulated your results, write up the report according to directions. Before doing the experiment carefully review the Lab 3 Instructions for specific directions. It also includes the points breakdown.
The following questions will help guide you through this process:
What good information is available regarding tap water and bottled water?
What question are you trying to answer?
What is your hypothesis?
How will you go about testing your hypothesis?
Why is it poor science to be one of the subjects for the experiment?
Why are multiple samples important?
What are you expecting from your results?
Were your results what you expected?
Was your hypothesis supported? Either way, write your explanation as to why your hypothesis was/was not supported.