GBA 334 Application Assignment 1 Instructions
Application assignments require solving problems from the textbook. Most of the problems require that you use Excel QM. Some chapters will require you to use POM QM for Windows or TreePlan. The answers must be submitted to the Dropbox in a Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel file. 
You must state your answers within a complete sentence so that your understanding of applying the results of the computations can be observed. You should also include the work for your computation; this will assist in applying partial credit if your answers are not correct. 
Do not submit QM for Windows files as server security policies do not allow many of these files to be passed in the system. If you need to show the QM work, either save as an Excel file (a function within QM) or paste a screen capture of the QM Entry Screen before solving AND the QM result screen(s).    NOTE: QM files should not be sent through the online system. If using QM for your solution, run the file in QM and then copy and paste the solution into a MS Excel file (within QM there is an option tab at bottom of the screen to save as MS Excel.) If you cannot do this, with the QM solution file open on your screen, select alt-print screen and then paste the image into a MS Excel file.  
 Chapter 1, page 18, Problems 22 and 23 using Excel   Chapter 2, page 63, Problems 43 and 45 using Excel (disregard instructions to use Appendix C in Problem 43 Part a; use Excel instead)