Creativity in gifted classroom-

For this assignment, you will apply a definition of creativity to five
(middle school students)  students and align their outcomes to this definition.

  1. First, define creativity. Please cite appropriate research theories in your definition. 
  2. Second, specify how you will assess creativity based on your definition. 
  3. Third, observe your student and take note of their behaviors, interactions, conversations, learning, and/or work. For younger students, you can observe them during play. For older students, you can observe them during social or extra-curricular activities. 
  4. Fourth, identify evidence of originality or innovative ideas or thought. Are students being creative? How so? Use research in your justifications or explanations.   ** reference page in APA 7 format.**

I will need this information so that I can complete item #5 below

5.Design a creative presentation using a tool of your choice that showcases your (1) definition of creativity (2) assessment method for creativity (3) five student examples of creativity (4) research in appropriate sections with citations

I have added resources but please uses other outside sources.