COURSE NAME: Integrating the Enterprise, IS Function/Technology

Research Paper – Disaster Backup/Disaster Recovery

This research paper will describe, compare and contrast Database Backup & Disaster Planning.  This research paper must be submitted using SafeAssign.


This paper will be 5 pages total:  

(a) Describe Database Backup – 2 pages,

(b) Describe Disaster Planning – 2 pages,

(c) Highlight the importance of the integration of both backups and disaster planning and the impact if both are not effectively executed – 1 page



1. Use graphics, charts or diagrams to spell out your point

2. Check grammar, spelling and punctuation

3.  I want to see your reference material.  Meaning, I want a print out, as an attachment in the back of your papers and highlight the exact statement you are referencing.   When someone reference pages 70-110 for example, I have no idea what page and paragraph they are referencing.   I want to know the exact page.    Please submit that as backup material and highlight what you referenced.   If you do not, I will not read the paper.


(APA format; minimum of 4 professional/peer review references.  Note: professional references refer to books and journals.  Typical internet resources are not considered professional resources).