1. Describe the writer of the Fourth Gospel, according to B. F. Westcott’s view of internal evidence.  Bruce, p. 1.

2. When and where was the Fourth Gospel written?  Bruce, p. 2.

3. Discuss whether there is any evidence that the book was originally written in Aramaic.  Bruce, p. 2.

4. Evaluate the possible connection between the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Fourth Gospel.  Bruce, pp. 2-3.

5. Debate whether John the Apostle would have called himself “the disciple whom Jesus loved.”  Bruce, p. 3.

6. Discuss the possibility of a “signs-source” and a “sayings-source” for this gospel.  Bruce, p. 5.

7. In the early church the Fourth Gospel soon appeared with the other three Gospels in which form?  Bruce, p. 6.

8. Describe the earliest known fragment of any New Testament manuscript.  Bruce,   p. 6.

9. Using other resources, who were the Gnostics and what did they believe that made other Christians call them heretics?  See Bruce, p. 7.

10. Who is the first orthodox (not heretical) Christian to quote the Fourth Gospel?  Tell something about him.  Bruce, p. 8. 

11. What is the Diatessaron?  Give the meaning of the word and what piece of literature it describes.    Bruce, p. 8.

12. Who was Marcion and how does the anti-Marcionite Prologue to the Fourth Gospel reject him?  Bruce, pp. 9-10.

13. Tell what you learn about Papias and the Johannine authorship of the Fourth Gospel.  Bruce, pp. 9-10.

14. Who were the Montanists? What did Clement of Alexandria say about the Fourth Gospel?  Bruce, p. 12. 

15. Summarize the primary message of the Fourth Gospel as stated in John 20:30-31.  Bruce, p. 12.

16. On your own, research the term “diaspora” and how it pertained to the Jews.

17. Define and describe “Hellenism” and how it might pertain to the audience of this gospel.

18. Who was John the Baptist? Summarize all we know about him.

19. Who was the John who became an Apostle? 

20. Use other sources to determine the general differences between the Fourth Gospel and the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke). Focus on approach and contents. This should be about two typed pages (single-spaced).