Consider making-into-your-own the section titles from either demott’s “battling the hard man,” or curtis’s hypernormalisation [listed below].

[minimum of 1500 words]
[use complete sentences (thoughts) and paragraphs (ideas)]
[use MLA formatLinks to an external site.]
[write with patience]
Use course readings, recommended readings, discussions, and additional, outside research, to compose an essay that critiques/explores/unconceals conditions within a system (in this case, the moral, political, and technological landscape of the modern world).
Concepts & Ideas: the rift between feelings felt and displayed; the compulsive and repetitive need to destroy; media as ‘pacifier’; the ecstasy of impact; empathy vs. compassion; HyperNormalisation; belief and reason; the death of imagination; blame and moral responsibility; filter bubbles; ‘the real world’
Attempt multiple sections that function on their own, as well as, in relation to each other (as exemplified by DeMott and Curtis). Consider making-into-your-own the section titles from either DeMott’s “Battling the Hard Man,” or Curtis’s HyperNormalisation [listed below]. Use these (or your own) to write from one to the next.