cloud computing (week4)


submit a Word document that addresses each of the following:

  • Chapter 8
    • Define and describe virtualization.
    • Defend the following statement: Virtualization is not a new concept within computer science.
    • Describe the various types of virtualization.
    • List the pros and cons of virtualization.
    • Discuss the attributes of applications that are not well suited for virtualization.
    • List reasons why companies should virtualize.
    • List the benefits of blade servers.
    • Define and describe the hypervisor.
    • Define and describe green computing.
    • Describe the concept of the desktop on demand, and include the benefits of such a system.
  • Chapter 9
    • List the security advantages of cloud-based solutions.
    • List the security disadvantages of cloud-based solutions.
    • Define and discuss the data wiping process.
    • Discuss how a cloud-based solution provider may reduce the risk of a DDoS attack.
    • Define and discuss hyperjacking attacks.
    • Define and discuss guest-hopping attacks.

 responses should be submitted as a Word document and the paper should adhere to APA format and style.