Choose two of the four articles below

A summary of the key points, analysis, and arguments of the reading, and any insights you might want to share. Also please formulate a question based on the readings for which you would like further clarification of discussion. choose two of the four articles below
– Saleeby, P. W. (2007). Applications of a capability approach to disability and the international classification of functioning, disability, and health (ICF) in social work practice. Journal of Social Work in Disability & Rehabilitation, 6 (1–2), 217-232.
– Kafer, A. (2013). Introduction: Imagined futures. In Feminist, queer, crip (pp. 1-24). Indiana University Press.
– Wendell, S. (2013). Unhealthy disabled. In L. Davis (Ed.), The disability studies reader (4th ed., pp. 161-173). Routledge Press.
Invalid, S. (2017). What is disability justice.
-In Invalid, S., Skin, tooth, and bone–the basis of movement is our people: a disability justice primer (pp. 10-21).