“choices” calixta and alycee make.

Kate Chopin’s short story, “The Storm,” is set in Louisiana and uses the metaphor
of a powerful Louisiana storm to examine issues of sexual expression, domesticity, marriage,
family bonds, societal expectations and norms for men and women, and feminist concerns. How
does Chopin address and examine these concerns in the story? How do the characterizations and
actions of Calixta, Bobinot, Bibi, and Alcee intertwine to create the “storm” of societal and
interpersonal relationships that Chopin wants readers to examine? How is the storm metaphor
manifested throughout the tale? Chopin’s short story calls into discussion the relationship
“choices” Calixta and Alycee make. Do Calixta and Alycee have “the right” to pursue what the
U.S. Declaration of Independence calls “life, & liberty, & the pursuit of happiness? Are the
social stakes and the consequences, if the affair is detected, equal for Calixta and Alcee? Write a
1,000-word essay that analyzes the themes and literary techniques Chopin uses to craft a tale
about the power and force of sexual expression and society’s expectations and norms for men
and women as these expressions manifest themselves. You must use direct quotes from 1) the
primary text, “The Storm” and 2) add two other academically credible secondary sources to
support your analysis of the text. You must properly cite three (counting the primary text as one)
sources in MLA Style and do a MLA 8
th edition Works Cited page.
Here are research sources you MUST use for quotes in your essay if you choose to analyze “The Storm”
by Kate Chopin. Cut and Paste the URL addresses into the Internet. Do not paraphrase sources – only
quote them using quotation marks and MLA in-text citation standards. Make sure to give the proper
MLA credit in-text and Works Cited credit for any quotes you use.
Use and quote from at least two of these sources: