Chapter 2

Chapter 1
A .Calculating the future value of property. Ben plans to buy a house for $220,000. If that real estate is expected to increase in value by 3% each year, what will its approximate value be in seven years from now.
B, Using the Rule of 72-approximate the following amounts:
1-if the value of land in an area is increasing 6% a year, how long will it take for property value to double
2. If you earn 10% on your investment, how long will it take for your money to double
3. At an annual interest rate of 5%, how long will it take for your saving to double
C. Determine the inflation rate. In 2006 selected automobiles had an average cost of $16000, The average cost of those same automobiles is now $28000, what was the rate of increase for these automobiles between the two time periods.
Chapter 2
1 Prepare a comprehensive list of technical skills that you posses.
2 Using the internet research the technical skills that are most sought after by companies today and compare them to your personal list.
3 What are you most competent in
4 what areas could you use trainibcing in to increase your employability.