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  • Developing a Strategic Plan

    The strategic planning process is essential for all organizations. Strategic plans help organizations’ leaders and stakeholders keep sight of their missions and visions, achieve their goals and objectives, and address their challenges and issues. As a health care leader, you must be able to develop a strategic plan and use it to drive your organizational […]

  • business

     Question 1 of 1110.0 Points (The following two questions relate to the attached CASE–The Sleepiness Epidemic).  A. Should organizations be concerned about the sleepiness of their employees? B. What factors influencing sleep might be more or less under the control of an organization? The Sleepiness Epidemic – OB MIDTERM S18.pdf    153 KB Maximum number of characters (including HTML tags […]

  • Final Paper

      Paper Topic: You will make an argument and use evidence from 1) the class lecture and 2) reading material to debate whether humans have had a bigger effect on the environment throughout history or whether the environment has had a bigger influence on human development. Grading Expectations You will write a 750-word paper (approximately […]

  • Reflecting on your Skills, Goals, and Accomplishment

      Week 4 Assignment Make sure to read the detailed instructions and the scoring guide (rubric) for Assignment 2: Reflecting on Your Skills, Goals, and Accomplishments. To submit your assignment, please go to Assignment 2 in Blackboard by clicking the Week 4 Assignment 2 link above. Course: WRK100: Preparing for the Future of Work Assignment […]

  • WEEK 5 DCE

    Assignment 2: Digital Clinical Experience: Focused Exam: Cough In this DCE Assignment, you will conduct a focused exam related to cough in your DCE using the simulation tool, Shadow Health. You will determine what history should be collected from the patient, what physical exams and diagnostic tests should be conducted, and formulate a differential diagnosis […]

  • week 3 NRNP 6635 ASSIGN

       Assignment: Assessing and Diagnosing Patients With Mood Disorders Photo Credit: Getty Images Accurately diagnosing depressive disorders can be challenging given their periodic and, at times, cyclic nature. Some of these disorders occur in response to stressors and, depending on the cultural history of the client, may affect their decision to seek treatment. Bipolar disorders […]

  • budget estimating

       This assignment consists of 2 parts: questions about budget estimation and developing a budget.  Part 1 Questions (10 points) Provide responses to the following questions 1.    You are providing a review of contractor bids for a component of your upcoming project.  What can be done to determine whether or not a vendor’s bid is […]

  • PHI208 Week 5 Discussion

      Ethics in the Community        Post on at least three separate days. There is only one discussion  this week. The prompt is below the list of requirements. The  requirements for the discussion this week include the following: You must begin posting by Day 3 (Thursday). You must post a minimum of four separate posts on […]


    The final paper will require the student to complete two (2) case studies from the Pinto text (one from Chapter 13 and one from chapter 14). You should incorporate outside resources into their paper. A minimum of five (5) outside sources will need to be referenced.  1)  Respond to the following case study from Pinto […]

  • CIS 505 Week 9 Case Study 3 Submission Choice Hotels International

    Week 9 Case Study 3 Submission    Case Study 3: Choice Hotels International Due Week 9 and worth 140 points Read the case study titled “Choice Hotels International” found at the end of Chapter 17 and linked here as a PDF. Write a fully developed paper in which you: Assess the two distinct networking functions. […]