Case study

Read Case Study 2 – We Talk, But They Don’t Listen

This case is located at the end of chapter 8

Please number your answers:

8-14. Do your think sometimes managers are justified in not taking their employee’s advice or feedback?  Why or why not?

8-15. How should managers handle their employee’s dissatisfaction with not having their advice or feedback put into practice?

8-16. Which do you think is the most effective form of Employee Involvement and Participation (EIP) program, participative management or representative management?  Is it possible to implement elements of both?  Why or why not?

Type your answers into a Word document and attach.  Min of 300 words for the assignment.  

  • The following is what I like to see in a case study: a) title page; b) Introduction – short summary of what is going on in the case study; c) the body of the paper including the specific questions asked in the assignment; d) conclusion – what did you learn from the case study? ; and e) References used to address the questions – this is not just the text for this course.  
  • Please make sure your submission is in MS Word. Attaching your file is the easiest way to do this submission. 

Please keep in mind that your professor is looking for the answers to have detail, thought, and an indication of understanding the issue(s)/topic(s) at hand. Responses should be personalized; however, they need to reflect an understanding of the concepts and theory from the text.  Your professor is looking for you to go above and beyond the question.   Keep in mind that short and simplistic answers will receive little to no credit.   Your professor is looking at the content of your answers as well as your ability to write well and expand on your answers.  Students can take the discussion anywhere they would like as long as it relates to the course and the readings.