Calculating the expected YTM

The question is :Calculate Yield to maturity and evaluate the cost of capital 1. International Tile Importers, Inc., is a rapidly growing firm that imports and markets floor tiles from around the world that are used in the construction of custom homes and commercial buildings. The firm has grown so fast that its management is considering the issuance of a five-year interest-only note. The notes would have a principal amount of $1,000 and pay 12% interest each year, with the principal amount due at the end of Year 5. The firms investment banker has agreed to help the firm place the notes and has estimated that they can be sold for $800 each under todays market condition. a.What is the promised yield to maturity based on the terms suggested by the investment banker? b. The firms management looked at the yield to maturity estimated above with dismay, for it was much higher than the 12% coupon rate, which is much higher than the current yields on investment-grade debt. The investment banker explained that for a small firm such as International Tile, the bond rating would probably be in the middle of the speculative grades, which requires a much higher yield to attract investors. It even suggested that the firm recalculate the expected yield to maturity on the debt under the following assumptions The risk of default in Years 1 through 5 is 5% per year, and the recovery rate in the event of default is only 50%. What is the expected yield to maturity under these conditions?I aso have a spreadsheet