For this group activity, you and your group will have three weeks to complete a presentation based on the following case study and research you will conduct on the regulatory rules applying to insider trading. Although you and your team may choose any presentation application or software, Microsoft PowerPoint is suggested for this activity.

Research and Scenario

First, visit the following websites on insider trading:

These websites will help you become familiar with the general basics of the regulatory rules applying to insider trading. You are not expected to become an expert on this topic. Apply these rules to the facts of this very brief case:

Someone you know has knowledge of an impending merger between two companies. The combination of the two firms will certainly change the market dynamics of the industry. Moreover, owners of stock in both companies will greatly benefit once the news of the merger is publicly announced.

Project Requirements

Your presentation must consist of 6 to 7 slides that are clear, legible and address the following:

  • Discuss the general      basics of the regulatory rules applying to insider trading and its      implications and address the following:
  1. Legal implications
  2. Ethical implications
  3. Economic-social      implications
  • You must include a title      slide in addition to the six to seven slides. The title page must include:
  1. The title of the project
  2. The names of the group      members
  3. The area where the team      member provided initiative (contributed to the project).
  • Each slide will include      a bulleted list highlighting important aspects of your research.
  1. Details of your research      and citations will be presented in the notes section of each slide in the      presentation.