Book name: crossing the line by kareem rosser

Book Name: Crossing the line By Kareem Rosser
Kareem Rosser’s book is a firsthand account of growing up in Philadelphia; he’s a storyteller, not a sociologist, a psychologist, or an economist. He’s not doing an analysis of his family and neighborhood; he’s describing his experience. However, his account does offer evidence of his understanding of his and his family’s traumas. So, according to Rosser, what are the factors that contributed to his mother’s addiction and “all of the trouble we couldn’t escape” (41)?
Unlike your summary (which reflected the book with commentary), in an analysis paragraph you sometimes reading between the lines, looking for ideas that are implicit, not necessarily stated directly. You should support your claims with at least three quotations. None of them should be longer than 3 lines; the total amount of quotation in your paragraph should be about 1/3. I.e., 2/3 of the paragraph is your language, supported by 1/3 quotation. Make sure to review the information in this week’s module about using quotation.