Based on the same scenario, there are 2 assignments-Human Service Practice in the Criminal Justice Setting


Human Service Practice in the Criminal Justice Setting 


Based on the same scenario, there are 2 assignments.


The 1st is due by Wed. the 18th/ Deliverable Length:  Between 200-400 words


After reviewing the scenario, do the following:


   Discuss how this pretrial diversion worker would serve as a case manager in this situation.


   Include 4 specific tasks the pretrial worker might do as the case manager for Ms. Hart. (e.g., referral).


The 2nd is due by Mon. the 23rd/Deliverable Length:  Between 800-1000 words


Using the information in the same scenario, prepare a memo to your supervisor Sarah Harris discussing the following:


·         Identify 2 disciplines involved with Cindy Hart.


·         Discuss in detail 1 theory of each discipline that you identified in part (1) that applies to this fact pattern.


·         Discuss how this scenario is distinguishable from a scenario that might take place in the traditional mental health setting.


·         Identify 2 ethical obligations/core values at play in this scenario.


·         Assess this client’s needs. In terms of the case management, perform the following:


o    Develop a service plan for Cindy Hart.


o    Coordinate Cindy Hart to the appropriate services.


o    State how you would monitor her progress as the pretrial diversion worker.


o    State 2 ways in which you would advocate for her.


Must include reliable references and in-text citations in APA format for each assignment