Assignments – due 9/12/2022assignments – due 9/12/2022

See attached Chap 2 PPT
Assignments – due 9/12/2022Assignments – due 9/12/2022
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Read Textbook pp 31-50
HOMEWORK – Part I – Your Business
Choose a business that you are interested in. This can be a small business (salon, lawn care, eBay store, ice cream stand) or a larger business (car dealership, bookstore, restaurant). Any business that you are interested in working on and/or learning about is fine. This can be a made-up business, or you can choose a real business you know about or are interested in.
Choose a name for your Business
Write a one-paragraph description of your business – what products or services you provide, what you specialize in, who your target audience is, etc.
Using the Best Bikes Business Process Diagram (pg 34) as a guide, create a Business Process Diagram for your business. Complete the following steps:
Identify the Roles, and put each Role in a swimlane
Identify the Actions for each Role
Identify any Data Repositories
Identify Data/Control flows
Create a business process diagram similar to the example in the textbook.
For another example of a business process diagram, click here for the motel business process diagram.pdf motel business process diagram.pdf – Alternative Formats
e. Describe the data that your business collects. What information can be derived from that data?
f. What information systems can you use or do you use for your business.
POST your answers to (b) and (c) ( name and description of your business) in the Homework Discussion Forum – Chapter 2 Discussion
HOMEWORK Part II. Review
Answer the following questions below:
1. Summarize the ways that information systems can improve the process quality of the processes in Figures 2-1 and 2-4.
2. Define two dimensions of process quality. Explain how information systems can improve both of these dimensions.