Assignment 3 requires students to complete a critical appraisal task and write a synthesis of the literature included in their appraisal.

critical appraisal on student attitudes toward punitveness
I have completed part one of the assignment – where you have to gather relevant topics
Its just a matter of synthesizing the articles
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Assignment 3 requires students to complete a critical appraisal task and write a synthesis of the literature included in their appraisal.
Students are required to critically appraise a minimum of 6 journal articles on the topic of student attitudes towards crime and justice and complete a critical appraisal template in Excel (provided). Students are then required to write a synthesis of these articles. Both the critical appraisal Excel file and word document with the written synthesis need will be assessed, so please make sure you submit both files for this assignment.
Here is the Excel file: CRITICAL APPRAISAL TEMPLATE(1)-1.xlsxDownload CRITICAL APPRAISAL TEMPLATE(1)-1.xlsx
Assignment structure:
Sets the scene, introduce the topic and provide context. Give a roadmap for what the review will cover e.g., this critical appraisal will discuss a, b, c.,. Lastly, include a search strategy which outlines how you selected eligible literature to include e.g.,a search strategy was implemented. Specifically, keywords including….also include any parameters in terms of years and whether you had exceptions for influential articles or original theories.
2. Body paragraphs.
2-3 main body paragraphs which outline what the evidence tells us (start broad with international evidence, then reflect how this relates to Australian context), where there is consensus and where there are points of difference (using a reflection on different study locations, samples and methods of assessment/measurement to critique why there may be divergent findings or to add strength to your point that these findings are consistent across different study populations etc), and also where the knowledge gaps are. Note that each paragraph is self-contained with a summary at the end of it e.g. to summarise the existing research on…has shown….
What the topic of each body paragraph will be is entirely based off the research you collect and review. You’ll be able to come up with topics once you have a better grasp on the known literature. Remember, the topic should always be related to student attitudes towards crime and justice (whatever your research question was in relation to this topic e.g., punitiveness). You can include community attitudes towards crime and justice, however, be sure to always relate this back to student attitudes somehow. For example, discuss how while there is research on community attitudes the research is lacking in student attitudes.
3. Conclusion.
Present a conclusion paragraph that wraps up the review and gives a higher order summary of the paragraph summaries.
4. Reference list
Finally, provide a list of all the references cited in text presented in APA format.