Assignment (10 points): use your field notes and journals from our visit to queens county farm museum and your notes from our readings to write a review of the museum in third person.

Assignment (10 Points): Use your field notes and journals from our visit to Queens County Farm Museum and your notes from our readings to write a review of the museum in third person. Be sure to quote and cite one of our readings to support your main idea.
Directions: Write a review of the Queens County Farm Museum. Describe the farm center and offer background and context to persuade readers why they should (or should not) visit the farm and museum. Quote and discuss from our readings and lecture as part of your essay. You might also include what might have made a good addition to Queens County Farm Museum.
Introduction and thesis 15______
Introduction draws the reader in through description and/or definition of terms. Thesis is clear and easily understood. The thesis should state the place and argue if people should or should not visit and support Queens County Farm Museum or not (and state why). The opening establishes description and theme.
Paper uses topic sentences effectively 10_____
Topic sentences introduce the paragraph and connect with the thesis.
Content 30_______
The essay describes Queens Country Farm Museum through details, analyzes the details (discusses the meaning of these details) and evaluates the place. Essay follows a clear method of organization. Essay also explores the significance of the visit: What did you learn? How is a farm museum useful to our community? Essay is organized in coherent (unified) paragraphs. Essay stays in 3rd person.
Essay supports major points with examples and details from the visit 14______
Paper integrates 1-2 quotes from our readings and visit and discusses their significance in MLA style. 10 ________
Grammar conventions 10______
Appropriate use of commas and semi-colons
Few to no fragments or run-ons
Strong verbs—attention to replacing being verbs with active verbs
Line writing is creative and offers a unique style
Language & Style 8____
Sentences flow well and are varied (short and long sentences)
Uses transitional words and complex sentences
Author attempts to make the essay interesting through vivid academic language (no very, no “you,” and no contractions “don’t use don’t.”
Questions to consider: Are such urban green spaces and environmental centers useful to urban communities? Should residents in Queens and the surrounding areas take advantage of these resources? What are the benefits to having urban farms? Should more cities support these centers and green spaces? Why or why not?
Use one to two quotes (in MLA format) from our readings and / or our visit and discuss their significance. (How do the quotes support the theme?)
Aim to provide:
• Description
• Analysis
• Evaluation
Things worth mentioning in your essay:
• What was a major idea or moment from the visit?
• What did you hear, see, smell while you were there? (Describe!)
• What can students learn from visiting Queens Farm?
• Should more places like Queens County Farm Museum be available to urban communities?
• Did our tour guide say anything that you thought about later?
• What quotes from our visit or our reading left an impression on you?
(A) Both the introduction and conclusion are creatively engaging and make connections to the assigned reading Demonstrates outstanding critical thinking and risk taking while providing strong examples, reasons, and other evidence that support an effective and insightful thesis Clear coherence and smooth progression of ideas evident through five or more well organized and clearly focused paragraphs that utilize transitional words and phrases Free of errors in grammar, usage, and mechanics Exhibits skillful and sophisticated use of language using varied, accurate and apt vocabulary and sentence structure Excellent integration of two or more direct quotes with outstanding MLA format and textual paraphrasing