Analysis Assignment


  1. Assume you come up with an idea for a new electronic product you think your fellow students would really like. How would you go through the product development process? How would you accomplish each step within that process?
  2. Select a product you are familiar with and explain the stages of the product’s life cycle and different ways in which a company can extend its mature stage.
  3. What are some brands that you think use selective or exclusive channels? How does channel choice, in those instances, influence consumer perceptions of value? In what situations might selective or exclusive channels add real value?
  4. How does disintermediation benefit the consumer? How might it harm the consumer? Can you think of any revolutionary businesses created in the past few years due to disintermediation? Be sure to describe one not mentioned already in the chapter.
  5. By week six, you will complete a brief, marketing plan that follows the marketing plan rubric on the Assignments and Grading Page. Review this rubric and the marketing plan template downloadin the files area (This template is for a much more extensive plan than the one you will write), and describe the channel(s) you will use to deliver the product/service to your targeted market.