Add information about george floyd murder.

The link for this paper is provided below. The remarks should be no. The world is still semi divided. Add information about George Floyd murder. Use the speech by Robert F Kennedy’s remarks about assassination on MLK”
Students will select a speech from the American Rhetoric top 100 most significant American political speeches of the 20th Century that most interests them. In written response, students will interpret, critically analyze, and provide their reaction based on the significance of the speech today, in the 21st Century. Papers should include an introduction, body, and conclusion adhering to all APA stylistic guidelines.
Students will email their 20th Century American Political Speech Critique topic to the professor ( by Sunday, September 18th, and post their critical analysis by Sunday, October 2nd, to a forum created by the professor so that all students in the course can review their peers’ work.
In a paper of 500+ words, include responses to the following questions. Remember, this is a formal paper. Therefore, paragraph form is required.
What was the context (occasion) for the speech?
Who was the target audience?
Analyze the underlying meaning of the speech. What was the purpose?
Interpret the speech from a critical thinking and communication perspective.
Is the speech still relevant today? Why or why not?
Failure to submit the assignment on time will result in an initial 10 point penalty and an additional 10 points for each day late thereafter.
Follow this link to access the list of speeches: