A personal connection to an idea through an example;

Write a full summary-response essay about the chapter we have been reading from Richard Rodriguez’s “Hunger of Memory.” Your essay must use MLA format and be 600-700 words in length.
I. Introduction + Summary Paragraph include:
Introduce the author and source text (his book);
Next, state the author’s main idea in your own words;
Include a short summary of the key supporting ideas from the text in your own words;
A few key details from the text are fine, such as examples and short quotes that support the main idea;
Use transitions to make your summary flow smoothly into your thesis statement.
End with a thesis statement that gives your response(s) to the main idea of the text.
Keep it short (2/3 of a page long – no longer than one page).
II. Response Paragraphs
Write 1-2 paragraphs giving your responses to the ideas in the source text.
Each paragraph should respond to a different point, or idea, in the source text.
Each paragraph should have a topic sentence that states the point to be discussed. (The topic sentence should support your thesis statement.)
Your topic sentence can be supported in any of these ways:
A personal connection to an idea through an example;
Connections between an idea and the ideas of another author –this is a great opportunity to bring in our previous reading as supporting evidence!
Strengths or weaknesses in the author’s reasoning;
Question(s) you may have;
You may look at this example essay for more guidance.
III. In The Concluding Paragraph
Restate the author’s main idea;
Restate your thesis;
End with some final comments to give readers something to think about after they finish reading. (For example: “Even though I disagree with Rodriguez’s idea that ___________________, his book is still worth reading because of. ___________________”)
Please include your essay word count at the end of your essay in parentheses.