A 2500 words count homework (Course: International Management)

Notes: The case, the requirements, the 5 questions to be answered and the format are in the file, the reference list and in-text citation must use Chicago 17 format, the reference  at least ten (10) different scholarly journal articles (please check the library guide if you are uncertain about the definition of a scholarly journal) published within the past ten years to support your arguments and discussion. Moreover, the reference material must be current within ten years.

 You are required to write a case study analysis summarising and providing solutions to case questions for a case study.  The written analysis of the case should summarise the case, integrate current literature and demonstrate analytical  reasoning, good writing skills and originality. A 2500 word limit (plus or minus 250 words) is placed on this assignment  (using Times New Roman, 12 point font, 1.5 line spacing, 2cm margin at the top, bottom and both sides). Proper  referencing is essential. It is expected that you would conduct some additional research and engage with relevant  literature while providing solutions to the case questions. The case study will be uploaded onto BlackBoard under ‘Assessments’. The title page, table of contents, reference list and appendices do not comprise part of the prescribed word  limit. Please also print the total word count on the cover page. You are expected to use at least ten (10) different scholarly journal articles (please check the library guide if you  are uncertain about the definition of a scholarly journal) published within the past ten years to support your  arguments and discussion. Unable to meet this mandatory requirement will result in a zero in your reference  section (10%) of the marking rubric. Written assignments must use the Chicago 17th B Referencing  style and assignments unsatisfactorily referenced will not be marked and the students notified. Please don’t forget to  cite the case as this is a case study analysis. Online Submission: Assignments MUST BE submitted through Turnitin on Blackboard. Your unit coordinator, tutor  &/or local lecturer will have access to your assessment in soft copy through the system. All assignments are to comply with Curtin’s referencing guidelines. The university has implemented a policy and guidelines for dealing with student plagiarism. Once investigated, penalties imposed upon students found to have plagiarised range from a nil grade for the piece of assessment to expulsion from the University. The penalty imposed  will depend upon the level of plagiarism found. More information regarding plagiarism can be found in the following  section of this document. Feedback: You will be provided with our feedback through Blackboard under ‘My Grades’ in line with the detailed  marking guide available on the blackboard. The further assessment information is available on the Blackboard including the key rubric and the marking guide.