(350-word minimum.

There ARE 2 assignments.
1) Drop box(Chap 6) assignment in word format 350 words
2) Discussion(Chap5) topic should be 250 words
See below
1) Drop Box
Chap 6
Complete an internet search using key words (security architecture strategies). Report your findings regarding common industry strategies and what are some of the thing’s organizations are doing to secure their systems. (350-word minimum. Please include your resource URLs however they are not counted in word count)
*Students are encouraged to use gov and org internet resources to augment course materials.
2) Discussion Question: Chap 5
Discussion Question: Describe Enterprise Architecture, include the challenges and best practices. (250-word minimum-reference and resource URLs are not counted in word count)
Once you post your answer, your classmates posts will appear. Reply to a fellow classmate regarding their posts, include similarities or differences from your post.