· educational background of respondent and family

Complete a language interview with four people (2 from each category specified below):
a) a parent with a child 3-6 years old learning his/her first language and
b) a nonnative English speaker 15 years old or older (preferably someone fairly new to this country)
The task: Discuss with each respondent issues relating to language acquisition (for example, psychological, sociocultural, and linguistic factors) and compare and contrast the similarities and differences between the children learning L1 and the older respondents learning L2.
Also collect a work sample from each language learner to include in your analysis.
Finally, reflect on how this information applies to you in your professional setting or in relationship to your professional goals.
Include, as well, how this information could impact your spiritual goals.
You may use this section as a guide for completing your interviews. If you use these bullet points as a guide, please write your responses in prose, using complete sentences (not just bullet points).
Submit a 5-7 page Language Acquisition Interview utilizing the subheadings below.
Respondent Data
Specific background of each person interviewed (Two parents of a child 3-6 years of age and two nonnative English speaker of 15 years or above) to include:
· Age
· Gender
· Ethnicity
· Other language spoken and means of learning those languages
· Geographic history (where they have lived, time in the U.S.)
· Educational background of respondent and family
· Educational goals
· Examples of literacy resources in the home environment
· Transcription and analysis of a recent spoken sample
Comparison/Contrast of Interviews
Cite at least 3 similarities and 3 differences in the process of language acquisition for the children
learning their first language and the nonnative English speakers learning English based on your
interview information.
Reflections/Applications to Education
Cite at least 5 ways that this information relates to you in your current educational/professional setting or to your future educational and spiritual goals. Include at least 3 references to research from the field of SLA with appropriate citations and a Bibliography.